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One of our favourite websites that we came across recently has to be the energy dashboard for the U.K. National Grid. It shows the total energy demand in the UK and how it is being generated, including how much energy is being imported or exported from Ireland, France and Holland. Click here to view the dashboard (a new page will open).

Pity we couldn't find an equivalent dashboard for dear little country!

If you've got an unused open fireplace, you might as well be burning your hard earned euros!

An open fireplace can be as low as only 15% efficient. In addition to its inefficiency when in use, if there is no fire it can further raise your energy bills by allowing warm air to escape. Heat generated in your house is sucked up the chimney and lost outside.

The best option is to fit a Chimney Balloon, a simple inflatable device that fits into the chimney and blocks warm air from escaping.

When you want to have a fire, simply deflate and remove it! Easy!

If you have an unused fireplace in a room in your house, you can save a load of energy and a pile of money by blocking off the chimney! An unused, unblocked chimney will let heat rise up your chimney and and right out of your house.

If you rarely, if ever, use your fireplace, consider installing a chimney balloon. It basically is what it says! It’s an inexpensive balloon that you inflate inside your chimney. It forms a tight seal and completely closes off your chimney to eliminate heat loss.

The weather has been wild all over Ireland for the past few days, and there are more storms to come. There is one seasonal task that every DIYer should give some serious thought a Chimney Balloon! news bulletin

If you have an open fireplace you’re not using, fit a chimney balloon. This inflates to stop cold air coming into the room down the chimney, and warm air from escaping. Chimney balloons can be deflated at any time, so they’re not a permanent fixture.

Click here for sizing information.

Chimney Balloon Money with a ChimneyBalloonFrom 1st of October 2011 the Commission for Energy Regulation have approved significant price increases for both Gas and Electricity. This is not good news for Irish households, and although the PSO levy has been reduced, there will be an overall increase of 12% to households.

According to the "International Energy Outlook 2011" published by the US Energy Information Administration, global energy demand is expected to climb 53% by 2035. That will place huge demands on energy supply and no doubt push up energy prices!

China and India will be the main drivers for this increase in demand. China's energy consumption will increase by 82%, and India's energy demand by an astounding 106%!

All the more reason to start saving energy now! And what better way than with a Chimney Balloon!

Energy prices are making the headlines once again, and Winter hasn't even got into full swing! The rising price of energy is putting everyone under pressure!

With a grow world population, and ever increasing demands for energy, it's likely that energy prices will continue to rise. Because we in Ireland are so dependent on importing our energy, global price rises have a direct impact here.

Chimney Balloon Save EnergyEnergy use in Ireland has risen by 50% since 1990 which has caused major increases in our CO2 emissions. The other impact of course is that people are spending a lot more on their energy bills. As the cost of energy continues to rise here are some tips to help reduce your energy demand:

Chimney Balloon October SpecialsAlthough you don't strictly need an inflation hose, it can make the fitting a balloon a bit easier on your neck!

We've had a great response to our recent offer of a free inflation hose with every Chimney Balloon! We've decided to extend the offer of a free Inflation hose with every order until the end of October.

Click here to go to our home page and get more details!

All over the world great minds are looking at innovative ways to revolutionise how we generate and use energy

We just love some of the great ideas that are moving off the drawing board to create the reality of the future!

Can you imagine being able to drive 1000km with no emissions from your car!

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