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If you have an unused fireplace in a room in your house, you can save a load of energy and a pile of money by blocking off the chimney! An unused, unblocked chimney will let heat rise up your chimney and and right out of your house.

If you rarely, if ever, use your fireplace, consider installing a chimney balloon. It basically is what it says! It’s an inexpensive balloon that you inflate inside your chimney. It forms a tight seal and completely closes off your chimney to eliminate heat loss.

Chimney Balloon October SpecialsAlthough you don't strictly need an inflation hose, it can make the fitting a balloon a bit easier on your neck!

We've had a great response to our recent offer of a free inflation hose with every Chimney Balloon! We've decided to extend the offer of a free Inflation hose with every order until the end of October.

Click here to go to our home page and get more details! - Reduce CO2 with a Chimney BalloonDo you know that the Ireland's CO2 emissions have decreased since a peak in 2001? On average in 2001 each person in the country was responsible for producing over 11.3 tonnes. That might not seem so bad, however the global average at the time was just over 4 tonnes. We were producing CO2 at almost three times the global average!

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For years innovative people and companies have looked for ways to use and generate energy better!

At last many of these technologies are moving into the mainstream. We seem to be finally getting serious about saving energy and finding more sustainable sources of energy.

Of course the Chimney Balloon is still the most cost effective way to save energy and money in your home!! We hope you find the information useful and informative!

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