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Small (15"x9") Unlined Flue


The best ideas are often the simplest ones. The simple, cost-effective way to stop chimney draughts, reduce noise and heat loss. The Chimney Balloon saves energy by preventing heat from going straight up the chimney.

For chimney sizes up to 38cm x 23cm (15" x 9"). All sizes shown are chimney sizes and not stopper sizes. The stopper itself will be slightly larger.

Among its many other benefits are:

  • stops chimney draughts
  • reduces noise
  • reduces heat loss
  • saves you money
  • can be used over and over again
  • completely safe
  • keeps back soot

The Chimney Balloon not only stops cold draughts coming down your chimney, but also stops the warm air in your room disappearing up your chimney.

The Chimney Balloon is completely safe and is designed to be used again and again. A cheap effective solution to a common problem!


Price: €24.75