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Chimney Balloon - How it Works

Chimney Balloon IrelandThe Basic Principle

The science is really quite simple - warm air rises and cool air descends! In practical terms this means on a cold day, your unlit open fire will allow heat from your room escape up the chimney!

To make matters worse, as the warm air leaves, cold draughts will come in. You've probably noticed cold air rushing in to your room from under the door, from floorboards or from windows. Why does this happen? Well if warm air is flowing up your chimney, cold air is rushing into our room to replace this escaping warm air.

An unused open fire is like having a hole in your roof! With the vast majority of houses having one or more open fireplaces, that's a huge amount of lost energy.

What Are The Options?

How can you stop this heat loss? Well, you could seal your fireplace with bricks or board, however that probably won't look great in your room. If you ever change your mind and decide you'd like to light a fire it could also turn out to be very expensive!

Chimney Balloon Ireland

You could jam the chimney with rags or newspapers! Hmm...apart from creating a mess when you're blocking the chimney, it'll make an even bigger mess when you are removing the blockage.

There are two other problems with simply blocking your chimney with rags or paper - it creates a fire risk and doesn't allow any ventilation through which can cause dampness. Chimney Balloon Ireland

The ways to block a chimney are only limited by the boundaries of the human imagination!

However there is a much neater, cleaner and elegant solution - use a Chimney Balloon!

Chimney Balloon - The Solution!

Plugging your chimney with a Chimney Balloon has an immediate effect!
Chimney Balloon Ireland

For a small investment you'll have made your home a lot warmer and quieter in just a couple of minutes.

The Chimney Balloon with its patented design is specially engineered to do the job perfectly. They restrict the flue, yet allow a small amount of ventilation. It is made from a specially designed 3-ply membrane which is resistant to abrasion and the hostile acidic environment of a chimney flue.

A Chimney Balloon will remain inflated and firmly in place for many years. If you want to use your fireplace, it is easy deflate and can be used again and again.

With natural gas and heating fuel prices rising each year, it is essential to retain as much heat as possible in your home. Householders spend millions of euros every year insulating homes, replacing doors and windows, and draught proofing. However the easiest way to save energy is to close off the draughts and heat loss from your chimney flue.

A chimney balloon is a cost-effective way to prevent warm air escaping up your chimney as well as the cold air coming down into your home.

For a small investment, you get a big effect!