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Chimney Balloon - Lined or Un-Lined Flue?

When selecting your Chimney Balloon it's important to know whether your chimneys have a lined or unlined flue.

Un-Lined Flue

Most houses constructed before the mid 1960s were built with an unlined chimney. Chimney Balloon Ireland - Unlined

Typically the interior of the chimney was rendered on the inside with lime mortar - parged is actually the correct term!

However due to a change in building regulations, houses after this time were built with lined flues.

To the right is a picture of an unlined flue.

Over a period of time this lining will have been attacked and eroded by corrosive chemicals in the flue gases.

If you do have an unlined flue, you may have noticed this erosion by a sand-like material falling down the chimney.

Lined Flue

Because a chimney works on the simple "Hot Air Rises" principle, they function much better when the flue is well insulated. Chimney Balloon Ireland - Lined Flue

For this reason, houses built after the mid 60s generally were built with lined flues. Lined flues had many advantages over the traditional unlined flues.

To the right is a picture of a typical lined flue.

So if you are unsure, grab a torch and have a look before ordering your Chimney Balloon!