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Installation & Removal Of Chimney Balloons

Installing the Chimney Balloon

Installation a Chimney Balloon is simplicity itself - no tools are required and it can be completed in minutes. Follow the three steps below to make your room draught free, warm and snug! Click here for step by step instructions on fitting a Chimney Balloon or click on the video below for full instructions.

Removing the Chimney Balloon

Removing the Chimney Balloon is easy! All you have to do is open the valve on the balloon to let the air escape. The Chimney Balloon deflates, and once enough air has escaped, you can remove the Chimney Balloon from the chimney.

Avoiding Soot & Dirt
When you are installing or removing a Chimney Balloon, we strongly advise using some form of eye protection. Ideally you should use a pair of goggles and a pair of kitchen gloves.

The goggles will prevent any bits of loose soot getting into your eyes, as you measure the side of the chimney, or look up to find the best place to site the chimney balloon.

The gloves will prevent soot and dirt getting on your hands and sleeves!

ChimneyBalloons can be used again and again, so you can store it for later use!