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Interior Door Closer - Neat & Discrete.


Draughts are incredible destroyers of warmth and comfort. An open door can let the entire warmth in a room escape in no time. How many times have you sat there feeling a draught?

Improve your comfort and save energy at the same time with these simple and elegant door closing devices. Easy to fit and simple in operation, they ensure that doors close after someone has passed through.

Another great advantage of our door closers is that they be easily detached in seconds - with no tools. So for example in summer when you want the air to circulate freely in your home, our door closers can be quickly disconnected.

Create comfort and silence - the noise and cold from the outside stays there. The never ending refrain of "close the door!" sorts itself out!

Save energy, costs and nerves! Closed doors save energy!

Available in white.

Price: €19.75