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Lined Flue - Small (7" to 9")


This Chimney Balloon for the Lined Flue has a circular form and fits a chimney flue with a diameter of 7" to 9" (18 to 23cms). It is the perfect fit for most typical three bedroom houses in Ireland today. It's a really simple, yet very effective way of reducing heat loss in your home.

The Chimney Balloon is slightly larger than the chimney Remember that the All sizes shown are chimney sizes and not balloon sizes. The balloon itself will be slightly larger.

Among its many other benefits are:

  • eliminates draughts coming down your chimney
  • external noise, especially caused by wind is substantially reduced
  • loss of warmth from your room is substantially reduced
  • by saving you energy, it saves on your energy bills
  • the Chimney Balloon is a reusable product that can be used repeatedly
  • soot and other debris is prevented from falling into your hearth

Chimney Balloons not only stop cold draughts coming down your chimney, but also stops the warm air in your room disappearing up your chimney.

The Chimney Balloons is completely safe and is designed to be used again and again. A cheap effective solution to a common problem.


Price: €23.75